Norfolk and Western 611
611 pulling an excursion train




J Class






Static Display

N&W 611 is a preserved 4-8-4.


611 was built with many other "J" Class locomotives of the N&W for service. In 1956, 611 derailed off of a curve and was severely damaged. However, they were able to repair the engine in less than a year. 611 also pulled the last excursion train for the Norfolk and Western Railroad and was subsequently donated to Roanoke, Virginia for static display. But in 1982, they got the engine up and running again, and it pulled many excursion trains.

Tragedy struck in 1986 when one of the excursion trains pulled by 611 crashed due to faulty braking systems in the coaches. Luckily, no one died, but there were severe injuries onboard the 12 derailed coaches. But the damage was fixed and 611 returned to service alongside her partner, N&W 1218.

Tragedy struck again in 1994, with faulty switching, causing one of 611's excursion trains to be delayed for months. Subsequently, the engine was donated back to Roanoke in 1994, where it has been since, parallel to 1218.

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